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Meet Carlos

I’d like to consider myself an explorer of the world. I often looked out into the waters and envisioned what there was to see in the world beyond the crashing waves.

After getting a degree in chemical engineering and working in the industry for 10 years, I discovered my true passion for photography. Then, somewhere beyond the breakers I found the inspiration I needed to take my hobby and make it into something wonderful. One day I boldly decided to quit my job, and I left everything I once knew to follow my dream of becoming a destination-wedding photographer.

I embarked on this journey to overcome my fears and pursue my dream. This passion of mine inherently stems from capturing pure emotion and telling stories in a unique and transparent way, and I could not have envisioned a greater adventure.

It is through the love and support from my wife, Claudia, and my kids, Valentina, Leonardo & Alejandro, that I continue to pursue this journey. They are the wind beneath my sails and my dream’s compass. Through them, I am further inspired to capture raw emotion within my photographs and motivated to take the images that will forever change your life, as they have changed mine.

My name is Carlos and it would be a privilege to gift you with the memories of your life.



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